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Bacchus Concierge is here to help you experience the best wines from around the world.


Untethered to any of the larger wine merchants, Bacchus Concierge is able to source wines and champagnes from winemakers and cellars across the globe to build your personal cellar bringing a flexibility of service second to none.


We will meet with you to discuss your requirements, budget, drinking windows, favourite wine styles and countries.

We will present you with an example of a wine portfolio based on this consultation.

Then we create a standing order and arrange an automatic wine delivery service.

Bacchus Concierge was founded by Alexander de Valle
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Alex has a passion for wine, second to none. With over a decade’s experience in the industry, his excitement for winemaking and wine enjoyment is obvious from the first meeting.


Alex established Bacchus Concierge in order to bring the love and appreciation he has for wine to others and allow them to grow their own knowledge and collection using his expertise and experience.

Alex’s three favourite wines are:

  • Chateau de la Tour Clos Vougeot Vieilles Vignes 1998 - delicate red berry fruit, which evolved and changed in the glass with incredible length and precision, especially for a 20-year-old wine.

  • Vin de Constance Klein Constantia 1996 - a sweet wine with a dark golden colour that jumps out of the glass. It has notes of deep caramel, sweet tropical fruit, lemon, honey and apricot which linger on for 30 - 40 seconds after tasting.

  • 2011 Domaine De La Romanee Conti Montrachet – this is one of the great hidden wines. It’s rarely found but if you’re ever lucky enough to taste it, its flavours are thrillingly layered and complex.


Bacchus, the Roman god of plenty, festivity, enjoyment and most importantly, wine! 
Concierge - "Bespoke, individual, discreet and private service." 
Who is Bacchus Concierge?

Our Services

Cellar Collecting Plan Services

Have you ever dreamed of pulling that extra special or rare bottle out of your cellar to open and enjoy with friends or family, knowing that everyone will want to know where you got it from?

At Bacchus Concierge, we offer a range of monthly subscription services, designed to build you a bespoke wine cellar over time. Requiring no large cash payouts, we source labels suitable to both your palate and budget.

What you get when you sign up to Bacchus Concierge


  • A singular point of contact with Alex, as your dedicated account manager, for any questions or queries.

  • A welcome bottle of English sparkling wine.

  • A FREE consultation, where we talk about your favourite wines and what you may specifically enjoy. We will tailor what we suggest to you, giving you a unique collection for you to enjoy.

  • Immediate access and insight, into what critics, sommeliers, wine professionals, and Masters of Wine are recommending and talking about.

  • Preferential storage rates at London City Bond, with their state-of-the-art wine storage facilities, for wines you wish to store with us.

  • Buy only at your own discretion, or when we find the exact wine for you.

  • Regular updates for suggested restaurants, wine bars and insights on what is going on in the wine trade.

  • Valuation data for your wines held in Bond.


After a consultation with you - ideally over a glass of wine - Bacchus Concierge will craft a framework of labels to collect for your cellar tailored to your own unique tastes and personality. We will take into account your monthly budget, your interest in specific regions, winemakers and vintages and the overall aim for your collection. On a monthly basis, we then use your contribution to buy wine or as savings for a certain special something or upcoming vintage release.


Bacchus Concierge source wines based on recommendations from top wine critics, sommeliers and winemakers themselves, giving you peace of mind that you are only getting the very best wines on the market at the very best value.


Wines are automatically transferred and delivered to your own bonded cellar, to your own home cellar, or we can set up a bonded cellar account for you, with the help of our partners.

Monthly subscription rates begin from as little as £100 per month, depending on what you can afford. These can be altered and topped up when you want to.


Drop-In Cellar Services

Do you want a fully stocked cellar, full of mature wines? Do you want to jump-start your cellar collection? Are you looking for that truly spectacular gift?

For those who just can’t wait to build a collection, Bacchus Concierge can craft a bespoke full cellar design, based on your wine preferences, budget, personality and the intended consumption dates, which can be collated and delivered directly.

En Primeur Selection Services

A bespoke service, helping you to choose the best from the yearly en primeur releases, based on your budget, critical scores and exactly which wines you are looking for.

Fine and Rare Wine Searcher Services- "Finding you the Unfindable."

Have you imagined having a Mouton Rothschild 1945, a Cheval Blanc 1947, or a Henri Jayer Richebourg in your own wine collection?

If you are looking for a specific or rare wine, or a particular vintage with which to celebrate a special occasion, Bacchus Concierge can do the hard work of sourcing it for you. We will search through our current suppliers, auctions (provenance allowing) and other small bespoke suppliers, to find it for you.


Contact Bacchus Concierge

Whether you wish to book a consultation or have a general query, we'd love to hear from you

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Bacchus Concierge

Where do Bacchus Concierge source wines from?

Bacchus Concierge only sources wines from approved distributors, or where the provenance can be traced and documented.


Which critics do you quote?

Bacchus Concierge only quotes the leading critics in the wine trade, including Masters of Wine, Neal Martin, Jancis Robinson, Antonio Galloni, Decanter Magazine, Tim Atkin and Robert Parker. All sourced critics and their publication will be referenced in your portfolio.


Do you give wine investment advice?

Bacchus Concierge does not offer advice on wine investment.


Where do you store your wines?

Bacchus Concierge only stores wines within a registered bonded wine warehouse, which has approved facilities such as temperature control and proper storage facilities.


Isn’t collecting wine really expensive?

If you want to collect the rarest and finest wines, it can be expensive, but with improving winemaking and skilled producers making the most out of their land, there are plenty of fabulous and affordable examples, from both new and old world, that far exceed their value, perfect to collect for the future and enjoy.


What is ‘en primeur’ or ‘futures’ wine?

En primeur (otherwise known as ‘futures’) wines are not yet bottled or ready for release. En primeur Bordeaux and Burgundy releases are not available for delivery for approximately 2/3 years after their initial release to the market.

What is an ‘in bond’ wine?

Wines bought as a future, or that have been in storage for some time, will have likely been purchased without duty tax & VAT. When and if you wish to take wines out of storage, the duty tax and VAT need to be paid to HM Customs and Excise. This payment will be processed through the bonded warehouse storing your wine. This cost is calculated at the price the wine was purchased for and not its current worth.


What are your charges?

Bacchus Concierge aims to give the best advice we can and only charge for the collation and sourcing of your wines. There is a flat 5% charge on whichever wines you choose. The fee for our Fine and Rare Wine Searcher and Drop-In Cellar services is negotiable, depending on the wines required.


What if I wish to cancel my subscription?

Whenever possible, Bacchus Concierge will attempt to provide a refund and to stop any potential orders.

However, if you have begun the subscription process with Bacchus Concierge and some wines have been purchased, you are liable to pay for these labels.



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